Nieves Ibáñez Carpena - Profesora de ENAE Business School

PhD. in Finance, Executive MBA, ENAE Business School. Degree in Economics and Business Sciences, University of Murcia.

Professor of Budget and Financial Planning, Accounting Fundamentals and Cost Accounting in different programs and courses, furthermore, she is a member of the final projects examining board of the master of Financial Management and MBA. She participates in a discussion group of a regional economic program in the radio station Inter Economía. She is also a member of the Economist Association.
She has worked with the Business Financial Information Centre of the Region of Murcia conducting financial and accounting projects related to the control, process and analysis of the annual financial statements of the companies located in the Region of Murcia. She was also the director of Modaval, a company dedicated to the commercialization of clothing.
Her extensive education and training on finance, taxation and accounting include courses such as English and economics at University of Exeter. She has also participated in conferences and academic events.
She is currently the Financial Director of Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Región de Murcia (University Enterprise Training Partnership of the Region of Murcia) and ENAE Business School, what she combines with lecturing as an Associate Professor in the Department of Financial Economics and Accounting of the University of Murcia.