Alfonso del Moral González profesor de ENAE

Professor at ENAE Business School. Degree in Political and Administrative Sciences, University of Murcia. Degree in Law, University of Granada.

Apart from his broad academic education, he has taken Doctorate courses in Financial, International and Procedural Law. He was a member of the Property Management Council of the Region of Murcia as well as member of the External Assessment Committee of the University Coordinating Council.
Co director of the Master in Tax Consultancy at ENAE Business School, he has also taught courses on taxation at institutions such as Centre of Economics and Business Studies of University of Murcia, Lorca University Institute of Tax and Financial Studies, Valencia University Institute of Tax Studies, Del Mar International University and Labor Relations Specialist Association of Murcia.
Furthermore, he has written numerous articles about taxation in specialized journals such as La Ley (Wolters Kluwer), Quincena Fiscal (Thomson Reuters Aranzadi) and Revista Impuestos (Legis) as well as participated in the books "Comentarios a la Ley de Extranjería y su nuevo Reglamento, aspectos tributarios" (Comments about Immigration Law and its new Regulations, tax issues) (Civitas Aranzadi, 2011) and "Derecho de Extranjería, aspectos tributarios (Immigration Law, tax issues" (Diego Marín Librero Editor, 2005).
He currently develops his professional activity as Tax Inspector (Specialist in Financial and Tax Inspection as well as in Customs and Excise Tax Inspection). Member of the Corps of State Comptrollers and Auditors, on leave.