Business Economics and Operations

Business Economics and Operations



Companies develop their activities within and economic environment which can differ considerably from countries. A company must forecast the economic environment on which it will thrive and which could be the performances of governments and other institutions depending their evolution. As is true in a globalized economy, are the synchronized stages of expansion and economic crisis as the decoupling among them.

The Operations Division conducts researches and instruction in decision making through optimization, modeling, and management of uncertainty, and in all aspects of operations in business.

Models are used to support decision making, to measure and manage, and to improve understanding of production and business practices. Application areas in which the division has special experience include the management of logistics, distribution and supply chain, revenues, network of resources, and service systems the derivatives and risk management.

New technologies have become essential for the daily operations and growth of companies, working as an element that differentiates and generates higher productivity as well as added value for customers and suppliers and as indispensable support for decision-making.

Nowadays, the management of performance efficiency of a company relies on technologies of Corporate Performance Management, which are a synthesis of managerial information systems based in Business Intelligence and models for administration of performance in a Balance Scorecard. 

Business Economics and Operations


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Business Economics and Operations


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Business Economics and Operations


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    Telecommunications Engineer (Specialties: Telephony and Data Transmission and Television) at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. MBA by Universidad de Alcalá de Henares.

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    He has developed his career within the Mapfre Group where he held various positions such as Computer Technician at Mapfre Industrial, Mapfre Servicios Informáticos, Corporación Mapfre and Mapfre Mutualidad. Later he was IT Director of ITSEMAP, Assistant Director and Deputy Director of Information Services Mapfre RE. Professor of Applied Computer Security in the International Advanced Course on Integral Enterprise Security at Fundación Mapfre Estudios and Master Degree in Security at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid?Fundación Mapfre Estudios. He is also Professor of Computer Science Applied to Risk Management in the master degree in Insurance and Risk Management and Insurance Faculty of Science and Business at Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca?CUMES.

    Civil Engineering and Ports from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. BA in Physics and postgraduate of the CFPA in fire protection, Management and International Marketing (UPM and St. Louis University). Professional certifications in Risk Management (Alarys and G31000)

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    CEO of Riskia since its foundation in 2002, he has significant experience in the management of multidisciplinary projects of analysis of risks, security and environmental evaluations and also in the important decontamination process after fires, floods or chemical spills. Throughout his more than 30 years of professional experience, he has directed hundreds of projects in these disciplines. He participates in forums, conferences and seminars on issues related to his activity as AGERS (Spanish Association of Insurance and Risk Management, where he directs the working groups of environment and ISO31000 taking part as an expert in several national and international committees as CTN307, TC262 o CEOE-CEIM.

    Licenciado en Matemáticas por la Universidad de Murcia, Master en Dirección de Empresas y Marketing. Especialidad en Dirección Financiera y Master en Derecho de la Unión Europea. Especialidad en Normativa Bancaria MiFiD, FII y FGD por la UNED; Master en Asesoramiento Financiero por el Instituto Europeo de Posgrado-Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad San Pablo CEU. Certificación EFA-European Financial Advisor.

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    Posee una amplia experiencia en el sector del Big Data y Data Science, especialmente en Marketing Analytics y Customer Analytics con conocimientos en múltiples disciplinas y tecnologías. Ha sido Director de Business Analytics y coordinador de la Transformación Digital en Liberbank, potenciando la conversión de datos en información relevante mediante técnicas de Advanced Analytics sobre arquitecturas Big Data y propiciando el cambio hacia una cultura digital. En esta misma línea, Pita ha ocupado cargos de responsabilidad en el ámbito analítico en empresas de primer nivel como Everis o Cajamar. Además, ha trabajado como docente de materias relacionadas con la metodología Data Science y analítica avanzada en destacados centros universitarios como el IE Business School, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, AFI Business School o CIFF Business School, entre otros. Sus trabajos de investigación le han llevado a publicar artículos en diferentes revistas de prestigio. También ha participado como conferenciante en eventos sobre Big Data alrededor del mundo y fue galardonado en los Data Science Awards como el mejor Científico de Datos en España en 2016.

    Professor at Enae Business School.

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    Consultant, Former and Mentor in Business Intelligence. SQL Server MVP. Head of Formation at SolidQ. Microsoft MCSE 2012. Business Intelligence. He provides business support to gather information and Knowledge both in IT departments and business users from their data (from small to big volumes of information), with a hybrid business and IT profile. Specialized in Microsoft technology (SQL Server, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Self-service BI, Excel, PowerPivot, Power View, Performance Point Services). He has been involved both in projects completely carried out by the SolidQ team and in projects in which he has participated as a mentor, helping to achieve the targets established and transfering knowledge for the client to be capable of maintaining and evolving the project. He coordinates and participates in several in Business Intelligence Masters. He has written several books, being the last one ?Microsoft Business Intelligence: vea el cubo medio lleno?. He writes in several blogs and publishes in journals. Professional expertise: SQL Server, Data warehouse, Microsoft Business Intelligence, Training.

    Degree in Industrial Ingenieering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid

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    Doctoral courses and Proficiency Researcher by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He is a Managing partner of Dynexo, Advanced Dynamics Management. He started his professional career at Ericsson and he was the Supply Chain Manager at Siemens Group, position that he blended with his participation in the Global Procurement Board and Global Supply Chain Board of Siemens AG and, being after at the Corporate Group ENCE. Its training expertise is developed in all areas related to purchases, supply chain, control of stocks, production, logistics, etc. He has been a lecturer at national and international institutions such as the University of La Salle, the I.C.A.I., University of Deusto, École Supérieure de Commerce á Bordeaux (France), the Javeriana University of Cali (Colombia), the Catholic University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Andrés Bello University (Caracas, Venezuela). He also is experienced in lecturing seminars concerning logistics, purchases, planning, programming, control of stocks, manufacturing techniques, implementation of J.I.T. systems, D.B.R., etc. in institutions such as Carlos III University, IMADE, CEL, IIR, A.E.R.C.E., Confemetal, Empresarios Agrupados, INNOVA, Chambers of Commerce, etc. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of AERCE-Madrid (Spanish Association of Purchases and Stocks Managers) and also International Delegate and Representat of AERCE at the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM). He is as well a Member of the Purchase Ateneo and a Member of CIIL (International Center for Logistics Research), a Member of Project called BESTLOG, sponsored by the European Community, as a representat of the CEL (Spanish Center of Logistics) and AERCE.

    Industrial Engineer at Universidad Politecnica of Valencia. Master in Agroalimentary Business Administration at United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). PhD in Business Management and Economics, University of Almeria.

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    Professor in the Business Organization at Universidad Politecnica of Cartagena, at the Industrial Engineering School and Telecommunications Engineering School. Professional experience as Head of Logistics at Cofrusa, in the Logistics Department at Hero Spain and as Organization Director at Artemol. He is currently the CEO of his own companies. Author of scientific publications on specialized magazines. He has participated in several international and scientific conferences

    Professor at ENAE Business School. Technical Degree in Computing, San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM).

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    Ricardo Suárez has developed his career as Speaker and Trainer on Business Success, Internet, On-line Marketing and Social Networks. His latest presentations and seminars include: Successful Marketing of Social Networks, Social Networks and Web 2.0, How to be your own Community Manager, among others. He is Certified consultant on Innovation by the Chamber of Commerce, specialized in On-line Marketing, Internet and Social Networks and has published numerous articles related to new technologies both for on-line media and traditional press. Furthermore, he has been Director and Editor of the Computing Fanzines MSX ETERNAL and MSX SPIRIT. He is at present the Founding Director of, focused on strategic management, internationalization of new R&D&I projects and on-line marketing strategies.

    Professor at ENAE Business School. Master?s Degree in Management of Information and Communication Technologies and Systems, Polytechnic University of Madrid and National Institute of Public Administration (INAP). Degree in Information Systems Engineering, Jaime I University.

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    He has developed his professional activity as public employee specialized in Taxation within the Corps of Information and Communication Technologies and Systems. He has taken doctorate courses in Information Systems in the Jaume I University of Catellon. In the last 20 years, he has worked in both the private and the public sector, including the Social Security Administration, the State Administration and the Internal Revenue Service. Moreover, he has been an Associated Professor in the Departments of Information Systems and Languages, and Combinatorial and Digital Communication of the Jaume I University of Castellon, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has experience in all the areas concerning the ICT: customer service, networks and systems management, development of applications in different environments, teaching all type of courses in microcomputing, programming languages, Internet technologies and networks as well as management, coordination and supervision of teams in different projects). He is at present the Head of the Office for Taxation Information Systems of the Internal Revenue Service Regional Office in Murcia.

    Agricultural Engineer at Universidad Polictecnica de Valencia, Doctor in Economic and Business Sciences, Master in Management and International Trade Administration at Universidad de Murcia.

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    He is professor in the Economics Department at Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena. He has taught and lectures at various masters courses and seminars organized by various Spanish and foreign universities. His main research interests are the agrifood cooperatives, social economy and the food marketing and has participated in numerous research projects, conferences and published numerous books and articles in various scientific journals, national (CIRIEC-España, of public, social and cooperative economy, Magazine of Cooperative Studies, Spanish Magazine of Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros, Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research),and international (Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, International Journal of Research in Marketing, European Review of Agricultural Economics, European Journal of Marketing, Fruits), being a reviewer for some of them. Currently, he is Director of the Cajamar Chair of Agrifood Cooperatives at Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena, Coordinator of the Master in Business Administration and Management of Social Economy, Deputy Director of Promotion and Relationship Business of Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and President of the Board of Faculty and Researcher at Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.

    Agricultural Engineering and PhD in Agrarian Economy at Universidad Politecnica of Valencia (UPV).

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    Since 2001 he is Professor of Economics and Social Sciences at the UPV. He has been teaching International Economics, Microeconomics and Economics and Agricultural Policies. Additionally, he has participated as professor in several graduate programs. His areas of research are focused on aspects related to international trade of agriculture products, specifically in the field of trade preferences, nontariff barriers and rules of origin. He also works on public policies promoting sectorial competitiveness. He has participated as researcher in several projects of the Framework Programs of the European Commission and the Science and Technology Ministry. In addition he has been part of several activities regarding technology transfer to public and private institutions.

    Bachelor Degree and Master Business Administration-MBA. ESADE ? Barcelona

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    Jordi Ricou Fustagueras has over 20 years of experience in the area of logistics: commercial development and strategic plans logistics, supply chain management, stock management, demand forecast, quality, purchasing, SAP, etc. He has worked as a Director of Demand, Supply Chain and Purchasing Group at Refresco IBERIA; as a Distribution Manager and Route Designer at BIMBO (bakery group), as a General Manager at BERLANG FORWARDERS (International Logistic Operator-Custom Agency); as a Purchasing Group Manager at Confectionary Multinational CHUPA CHUPS; as well as a Logistics Group Manager at COBEGA (Coca Cola botller). He works currently as an Operational Consultant in the Supply Chain of ALG - INDRA. His academic experience includes postdegrees and other courses in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

    Enae Business School professor. ICAI Engineer and PhD in Industrial Engineering from the "Universidad Pontificia de Comillas ". ICade MBA.

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    Ramon Martin-Andino was Director of logistics and distribution of industrial gases from Union Carbide Corporation of Spain. Member of the economic direction DGAM (Directorate General Ordnance) in the Under Secretary of Defense Ministry of Spain. Since 1990 he is Director of Research Support at the Autonomous University of Madrid and consultant in the areas of production and logistics. Professor of Logistics and Operations in various prestigious institutions such as the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid Autonomous University, or Tulane University in the United States.

    Agricultural Engineer at Escuela Politecnica Superior of Orihuela (Universidad Miguel Hernandez). Technical Agricultural Engineer at Universidad of Sevilla. Master in Agrobusiness. Master in Administration and Consulting of Environment, Master in Agroecology, Rural Development, and Agrotourism.

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    For 16 years he has been related with the agricultural sector as Technician and Technical Director of Federación de Cooperativas Agrarias of Murcia (FECOAM). He has developed, participated, and given courses, seminars and conferences about different technical sectors. Since 2009 he has been officer of the technical staff of Consejería de Agricultura y Agua of Murcia in the General Management of Irrigation and Rural Development, managing lines of AEM in particular integrated production. Since 2013 he has worked in the General Management of Industria Agroalimentaria and Capacitación Agraria on issues related to technology transfer.

    Degree in Economics from the University of Murcia. Executive MBA Business School ENAE

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    He has held positions of Project Manager in Bay Information Technology, Internet Area Director at Software AG, Director of Internet and Cesser Inforges. Product Manager, SOA-BPM, whose functions include the launch of products for industry and banking. He is currently Founding Partner and Director of OpenRed Solutions SL

    Degree in Information Technology, Faculty of Information Technology Studies, University of Malaga.

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    Director of the IT Department at Pyme Sistemas Informáticos, a company dedicated to the support and maintenance of corporate computer networks, and Secondary School teacher at Colegio Cipriano Galea Professor at Enae Business School in the Programming and Office Software areas of the MBA and Master in Legal Counseling. Implementation of Computer Systems in companies such as Olimpic Import, R & D Asistencia,, Assur Asesores, Coteca Consulting, Viajes Diana, Cajamurcia Agrícola..

    Professor at ENAE Business School. Degree in Computer Science, University of Murcia

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    Miguel José Pérez Jordán has worked for different companies both in the public and the private sector, holding different positions such as Analyst-Programmer, Computer Systems administrator and Logistics Coordinator. He has more than 20 years of experience in companies such as Hermandad Farmacéutica del Mediterráneo, Grupo Smart Market and Grupo Davasa. He holds a Degree in Computer Science from the University of Murcia. In addition, he is an expert in logistic at ENAE Business School, both in face-to-face learning and online learning. Since 1998 he has been increasing his teaching experience through corporate training courses in the different companies he has been working in. He is currently Partner of Unita Consultores, a consulting firm specialized in Management Control, Integrated Quality Systems and Supply-Chain Management, where he leads projects of Production Planning, Process Improvement and IT Systems implementation.

    Automation and Industrial Electronics Engineer at Universidad Politecnica of Cartagena. Master in Business Administration (Executive MBA) at IE Business School in Madrid.

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    Carrer with more than 15 years of experience in Operations. He has worked as Technical Support for General Electric Plastics. Maintenance Engineer, Engineering and Maintenance Responsible and Operations Director for Grupo Primaflor. Currently, he works for Gs Group, where he became General Director - Love Fresh Company. He was appointed Reference Expert for the Ministry of Agriculture, participates in the development and production of the Intelligence and Specialized Strategy for 2014-2020. Professor at ENAE Business School in the Master or Agrobusiness. He has also been professor for the program in Innovation Management given at Formatio Postgrado and Universidad of Almería, where he taught Productive Processes Optimization. Lecturer for several conferences regarding Operations, Innovation and Continuous Improvement for Industry.

    Professor at ENAE Business School. Degree in Industrial Engineering and Specialist in Business Administration, Polytechnic University of Madrid.

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    His expertise encompasses the areas of Business Administration, Land Transport, Logistic (Stock management, demand forecast, warehouses and handling equipment), Quality (design of the Quality manual, auditing of the quality systems, etc.) and methods and timing knowledge, Just In Time, Product Planning, MRP, etc. He has worked as Managing Director of Transportes Guipuzcoana and DHL, and as Supervisor of the Engineering Department in the UPS headquarters in Madrid. He is currently the Director of CORDITRANS MURSCIA S.L. (DHL EXPRESS).

    Degree in Law and Degree in Economics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. PhD in Economics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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    Professor at the Deparment of Political Economy and the Treasury from the University of Murcia. Professor in Enae Business School. He has also broad academic experience, particularly in Political Economy and Public Finances. He has been President of ENAE Business School and Executive Director of Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Región de Murcia (University-Enterprise Training Partnership of the Region of Murcia). His extensive professional experience includes several senior management positions such as Director of FICA (International Fair of Preserved & Canned Food), Executive Secretary of AFEXPO (Paprika and Oleoresin Manufacturer and Exporter?s Association) and President of IDAE (Institute of Business Administration), Univesity of Murcia. Independent Consultant Agromediterranea, S.A., Managing director Explotaciones Agrícolas Los Tiemblos, S.L. Furthermore, he has been Representative for UCD (Union of the Democratic Centre) to the Congress. Parliamentary Advisor of the Government?s Economic Vice-Presidency. President of CDS (Democrative and Social Centre). Member of the Regional Parliament and CDS spokesperson. He is the author of several books and articles about Economy and Public Finances, and Business Economics. He has spoken at several conferences of the business sector.

    Industrial Engineer at ICAI (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas). Master in Logistics by ICAI (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas).

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    He has over 25 years of experience in the area of Production and Logistics: Advanced Systems Materials Management, Planning and Control of Production, Facilities Management, Procurement Policy and inventories, etc. He has worked for companies such as 3M Spain, Lucent Technologies (formerly AT& T) in Spain and Saudi Arabia, being at present Director of Logistics at Sonepar Ibérica.

    ENAE Business School Professor. Industrial Management Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) Facilities Engineer in Fuels and Explosives, and Technical Engineer in Mines

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    He has developed his career in various companies, among which, Gas Natural, SABIC Innovative Plastics where he held several functions related to maintenance to be Head of Inspection and Danone where he was Head of Maintenance and Engineering. He is currently Head of Maintenance in ILBOC (Iberian Lube Base Oils Company). He has extensive experience as a trainer acquired in institutions such as IIR and AEM, which is a member of its Committee on Chemical and Process. Columnist and a frequent speaker at industry conferences in 2012 published his first book "Practical Guide to Industrial Maintenance Management".

    Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. Enae Executive MBA Business School.

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    Enae Business School professor, Antonio Alejandro Gómez Pérez is Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and Enae Executive MBA Business School. He has developed his career in Laboratorios Grifols, a multinational company specializing in the pharmaceutical and hospital, where he currently holds the post of Head of Pharmaceutical Production Department. He has teaching experience as an Associate Professor MBA from the Catholic University of San Antonio (UCAM) and Logistics courses Regional Federation of Organizations of Transport of Murcia (FROET).

    Degree in Geography and History as well as in Economic Sciences at Universidad of Valencia. PhD in Economics at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.

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    He has been teacher of History and Economic Institutions at Universidad de Valencia and professor of Economic Structure and Agricultural Policy at Escuela Politecnica Superior de Orihuela (Universidad Miguel Hernandez). Since 1991, he has been developing his activity as a researcher at Grupo de Desarrollo Tecnológico Agroalimentario del Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS-CSIC). He has participated on18 projects of European, National and Regional research, 7 researches on the main issues and dimensions of the agricultural economy, highlighting those related to the dynamics of innovation in the agriculture and agribusiness sectors, systems and production structures in Mediterranean agricultural systems, modeling of agricultural production processes and transformation of agricultural product in food product market dynamics, efficiency and sustainability of the main factors of production (labor, water, fertilizer, substrates, etc.), developing systems and methods of management and control of production processes including specific software tools, management and economic value of by-products and agricultural wastes, rural development, etc. And 10 projects and activities relating to business innovation new packaging systems in postharvest, implementation of production lines for 4th and 5th range, innovative water desalination processes, etc. In addition, he has worked as a consultant and collaborator in MAPYA (Libro Blanco de la Agricultura y el Desarrollo Rural), in FAO (design of management methods and efficiency and sustainability indicators of water resources) and of the European Union in the design of the future program of agricultural innovation (FEADER-PAC 2014-2020)

    Degree in Industrial Engineering, University of Vigo.

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    His resume includes a great variety of courses and seminars in logistics. He has served as process engineer and plant manager at companies such as Grupo GKN, Flamagas S.A., Dalphimetal and Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta S.A., where he was the Production Director. He is currently Plant Manager at Findus España.

    Master?s Degree in Logistics, ICAI, Madrid. Degree in Ciencias del Transporte y la Logística, Universidad Camilo José Cela Degree in Marketing and Sales Management, ESIC Business Marketing School.

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    Has worked at the shipping agency MacAndrews S.A., where she was responsible for the Sales Department as well as for Quality at their Office in Madrid. In addition, she has been Professor of International Logistics since 1997, cooperating with different institutions such as Chambers of Commerce, Polytechnic University of Madrid, CECO, Carlos III University, School for Industrial Organization (EOI) and ENAE Business School. She currently manages the company Ineti Marine, S.L.

    BA in Economics from the University of Valencia. Master in Financial Management, Estema.

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    Jesus Palacios is a Partner and Director of Abertia Consulting and Services. Expert advisor on finance from more than 200 companies, has collaborated on projects to improve business management (real estate feasibility analysis, investment analysis and financing, financial projections and budgets, cash management, financial budgeting and management control, cost for decision-making, business plans and improvement plans of the organization and procedures etc.), financial economic diagnosis (for both individual sectors and companies), financial audits financial and business valuation. Professor of business and financial management in the Master of Financial Management (MDF) of the Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM-Estema) in the Financial Management Program (PDF) of the Foundation for Studies and Financial Securities on the Stock Valencia (FEBF) and the College of Economists of Albacete. Professor in the School of Business Lluis Vives of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, as well as specialized seminars in different colleges of Economists of Alicante, Murcia and Albacete. Author of scholarly articles in the business, has published articles on finance in Economics-3 and in the bulletin of the Foundation Stock Market and Financial Studies (FEBF).

    Degree in Industrial Engineering, Technical University of Cartagena. General Manager Program, IESE Business School. Master's Degree in MBA Executive, ENAE Business School. Master's Degree in CPIM: Basics of Supply Chain Management ESRM (USA).


    Industrial and Systems Engineer by InstitutoTecnológico Durango. MBA with specialties in Statistics and Business from ITESM Campus Monterrey. Master of Industrial Engineering (MSC) by the ITESM Campus Monterrey.

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    President and Chief Executive Logistics Center (CELOGIS).Education Partner of the Logistics Institute of Canada in Mexico. His areas of expertise are forecasts, statistical studies and strategic planning Founder of the Centre for Logistics and International Trade (CLCI) ITESM. He has performed consulting projects and analysis in the areas of strategic planning, location study, market research, formulation of forecasts for private organizations such as OMA, FEAT, CSM, Galvak, PEMEX, AHMSA, among others. Member of the Council of Logistics Management and the Institute of Business Forecasting.

    Degree in Industrial Engineering, ICAI, Pontifical University of Comillas. General Management Program, IESE Business School

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    Ricardo Moreno Meseguer, Industrial Organization specialist, ICAI (Comillas Pontifical University). Professor of Operations in the Executive MBA, Part Time and Full Time MBA and Marketing and Sales Management at ENAE Business School. Director of the course on Logistics. He is the Operations Director at Juver Alimentación, S.A. after holding managing positions at Hero España, S.A.

    Engineer in Computer Science from the University of Murcia. Master in Project Management from the University of Barcelona

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    His professional experience has developed policy in the Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Brotherhood Group (Hefame) where he held the positions of Director of Development Projects, Information Systems Director and, currently, Director of Projects and Engineering, and from which has led major projects in the field of logistics, information systems and technology applied to the supply chain, such as the development project logistics platform Murcia Health Service and Hefame robotic stores in Getafe (Madrid) , Castellbisbal (Barcelona) and snowdrops (Málaga). ENAE Business School Professor in the area of ??logistics and operations, information systems specialist.

    Degree in Computer Science, University of Granada. PhD at Universidad de Granada.

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    He began his career as a Business Analyst in the Development Area CajaGranada. He was later Head of Data Warehousing in the Architecture Technology and Head of Business Intelligence in Marketing Management from the same institution. Since 2012 he is analytical CRM in the Direction of Exploitation (Marketing) of BMN, mainly developing analytical tasks using data mining tools, Teradata, PL / SQL. In the educational field, he has been an associate professor at Universidad de Granada. Practicing since late 2012 as Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Market Research at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, being his field Intelligent Information Systems including Data Mining, Fuzzy Relational Databases, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, etc., mostly applications in Marketing practices for financial environments and tourism. Author of numerous publications of special scientific importance, two case books and five book chapters on data mining and its application in economics, finance and marketing. Also he has various contributions to conferences, the vast majority worldwide. Belongs to the research group Soft Computing and Intelligent Information Systems since 2009.