Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research in an International Context


This course is intended to give the participants the theory, knowledge, and tools to understand consumer behavior and marketing research in a global context.

In Consumer Behavior, we will examine concepts from areas such as psychology, sociology, and marketing and discuss their applications in developing effective marketing strategies. At the end of the course, participants should have a good understanding of how consumers think and behave and what marketers can do to influence their consumption decisions.

In Marketing Research, participants will learn how to design and conduct research scientifically. We will go through all the steps involved in conducting a formal research project, starting from specifying the research objective to reporting the results.
Both courses will be taught with an emphasis on the nuances and challenges faced while marketing in an international context.


Goals and Student Profile

  • Recognize the importance of understanding consumer behavior for successful marketing.

  • Have an insight into how consumers think and behave, and the strategies/tactics marketers use to influence consumer behavior.

  • Have an understanding of what marketing research is, when to conduct research, and how to do it.

  • Appreciate the role probability and data analysis play in conducting scientific and statistically reliable research.

  • Be able to appreciate how different parts of the world have their idiosyncrasies when it comes to consumer behavior and marketing research.


Student Profile

ENAE Business School is very conscious of the fact that every teaching institution is built by all and must be very careful about participant selection right from the very start by analysing their CV, qualification certificates, admission exam and through a personal interview of the student by the program director. Depending on the program, ENAE Business School carries out tests to evaluate language competence.

Most of our students come from the business world about 80% of ENAE’s students are graduate professionals and executives who wish to update their knowledge and improve their skills. These students come from different academic backgrounds mostly engeneering, business, law, economics, communication and humanities.

We encourage young and talented graduates with entrepreneur spirit to be involved in our programs as a fast track to achieve their goals in the business World.



  •  Importance of understanding consumer behavior

  •  Attention and Perception

  •  Learning and Memory

  •  Motivation

  •  Attitudes

  •  Consumer Decision Making

  •  Role of Demographics and Culture in Consumer Behavior

  •  Importance of Marketing Research

  •  How marketing questions translate to Marketing Research Objectives

  •  Sources of Data

  •  Qualitative Research

  •  Primary Data Collection: Surveys, Observation, and Experimentation

  •  Questionnaire Design

  •  Sampling and Basics of Probability Theory

  •  Basics of Data Analysis

  •  Reporting Research Findings

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